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Help Keep Our Children Safe!

Child Care Rules & Safety Instructions

Upon every visit, please instruct attendant about any medical, allergies, or special requirements

Prohibited Items:
• Snacks or foods that can be a choking hazard (seeds, candy, etc.)
• Any foods or snacks containing peanuts
• Large meals. Bring small snacks, juice boxes only
• Paint, glue, sharp objects
• Small toys that may fit in mouth
• Anything containing lead

Mandatory Guidelines:
• Be sure to keep door closed upon entering and leaving childcare room
• Please check on your child every 30 minutes
• 1 hour time limit for children under 2 years old
• 2 hour time limit for children 2 years or older
• Attendants are not responsible for feeding or changing diapers
• Childcare room may NOT EXCEED 15 children
• Age limit for unattended childcare is 8 years and over.
• Violent behavior will not be accepted at any age. Child must be removed immediately
• You are responsible to clean, straighten up area, after unattended childcare
• You will be asked to remove your child from the room:
           • If your child is crying excessively
           • Needs diaper changed
           • Needs to be fed
           • Does not follow attended instruction
           • Disruptive behavior

Other Requirements:
• When bringing tablets or view devices, please make sure content is proper for everyone
• Parent must remain in the gym while your child is in childcare
• Please take your child to use the restroom before childcare
• You will be responsible for any damages during unattended childcare
• If your child is crying excessively, you will be required to remove he or she from the room.

Your Childs Rules:
• Listen to childcare attendant
• No opening doors or leaving room
• Snacks must be eaten at the table
• Do not stand or jump on table
• No running
• No putting hands on others
• No throwing toys
• No wrestling
• No profanity

Thank you for your cooperation.

Please help us assure the safety of every child in our care.

Club Features

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