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City Blends Juice Bar

The World's Best Tasting Protein Smoothies
All you need to do is taste your first City Blends smoothie. You won't believe how good they taste. Not only do they taste great, but their actually good for you. Island Gym offers a complete selection of City Blends products at every location. Just to name a few ingredients, City Blends is made with low-sugar "real" puréed fruits, Nestlé whey proteins, and Ghirardelli chocolates.

Great News Announcement!
Our City Blends Protein Smoothies are now sweetened with "STEVIA"

Over 30 flavored shake combinations prepared per your request.
Choose from options including: 1) extremely lean, 2) muscle builder, to 3) serious weight gainer. Flavors include multiple combinations of chocolate, banana, orange, raspberry, pineapple, peach mango, strawberry, and blueberry. Yes, we use only real concentrated fruit with not artificial flavors or preservatives. Protein choices range from high quality/pharmaceutical versions of: 1) burner, with zero carbs and L-carnitine, 2) builder, with low carbs, to 3) gainer, with high carbs and high calorie.

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How does Island Gym make the perfect shake even better?
Try adding an "add-in" scoop of the following nutritional supplement packs: 1) fat loss pack, 2) energy pack, 3) green pack, 4) vita pack, 5) wellness pack, 6) creatine, 7) glutamine, or 8) an extra scoop of protein.

Need a place to unwind or better yet, looking for a tasty pre or post workout beverage?
Take seat at the front counter and enjoy a City Blends smoothie today. City Blends beverages are the perfect boost for your convenience and nutritional needs.

City Blends, the company, is the dream and vision of a collection of nutritional experts, fitness consultants, and other fitness industry professionals who grew tired of the limited nutritional beverages offered by other juice bar companies. After years of consuming sugar-laden fruit smoothies from various fitness facilities across the United States, the City Blends team set out to develop nutritionally superior, sophisticated beverages.

City Blends is the first smoothie company to sweeten with STEVIA.
We understand that nutritional needs and goals vary greatly from one person to the next; therefore, City Blends developed its menu based on years of customer feedback. From the engineered juice concentrates and supplements, to specially formulated fitness niche drinks, the City Blends team is committed to promoting quality, consistency, and health to all of its customers each and every day.

Stop by and let our friendly staff mix you up a City Blends smoothie today; it just might be the best part of your day.

Want a Free City Blends Shake?
Don't forget to sign up for a "City Blends" punch card. Get 1 free shake for every 10 purchased. For some members, that can equal up to 2 free City Blends shakes each month.

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