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Free Assistance with Equipment, Cardio, and Nutrition
Fitness Coaching is not personal training!  This is a FREE service available to every member to assure you receive the most from your Island Gym membership.   Whether you're interested in group fitness, cardio, or just weight lifting, coaching will make sure you get the most out of every gym visit.  Finally there is a no pressure, non-intimidating way to get help in the gym, without have to pay for training.

We know that your first two weeks in the gym are most important.  This period is when you decide if a gym membership, or even if Island Gym was right for you.  Our fitness coaching program guarantees you the motivation, inspiration, and guidance necessary to assure you have made the right decision.   This time, Island Gym can deliver the results you want...just faster!

Our Fitness Coaches are available every day to help point you in the direction that gets you results.  There is nothing to purchase and we will only help with the topics and exercises you wish.  

Don't be shy!  Our Fitness Coaches are approachable at any time!   Your success here at Island Gym is our number one priority, so please don't put it off any longer, get real results from your membership today.  See any fitness coach on the gym floor or call member services for additional information.

New Member Bonus:
Fitness coaching is included in your 14/4 New Member Success Program.  You will get 1 free month additional month membership just for completing two weeks of fitness coaching.

Club Features

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