Membership Selection Guide

Which membership saves me the most money?
Our Advantage Plus membership is less than $1 per day and will save you the most money.  This plan will save you over $30 per month compared to our other short term Standard plans.  You will also pay no enrollment or start-up fees and your membership rate will be locked for life.  This membership is the most affordable and our most popular membership program.

Which membership gets me in shape faster?
Our Advantage membership program will get you working out, feeling great, and in shape the fastest.  We are the only gym that offers the 14/4 Success Program that gives you over $500 in free programs when you first join to get you started day one.  The 14/4 Success Program includes free fitness coaching, weight loss counseling, FITx training, and even guest passes.  You will start losing weight and feeling more fit in your first two weeks.  

We also offer physician guided weight loss programs that, in addition to training, can help you lose up to 30 lbs. in your first 30 days.

Which membership includes the most?
Our Advantage Plus membership includes everything you need! Why pay for a pool if you’re never going to use it.  You get more for only $29.91 per month, with our Advantage plan, than any other gym in town.  This membership includes use of all four health clubs, 24 hour access, 80+ group classes per week, 500+ equipment options, FITx functional training centers, and much more.  Not to mention $500 in free programs with the 14/4 Success Program.  

Our Advantage membership gives you more than any other comparable gym in South Jersey with similar services, amenities, and number of locations.  

Which method of joining suits me best?
  • Join Online - Become a member in only 10 minutes from the convenience of your home or work.  Simply select a membership, add services, and securely pay online. *Coming soon to your smart phone
  • Join in Club - Come see us in person! Look around and ask us as many questions as you like.  Don’t worry, we have no sales people and no sales pitch.  You’ll be greeted with a smile by our front desk attendant who can explain the memberships and get you signed up quickly and hassle free.
  • Join by Phone - The best of both! Are you at home or work but only have a few questions?  No problem, call our member services department during normal business hours.  We can answer all your questions and get you signed up conveniently over the phone.


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